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Information for Prospective Teacher Volunteers

We're looking for committed teachers in the Pasadena area who would like to work with a Caltech volunteer for the current school year. Participating teachers agree to offer a weekly opportunity for the Caltech volunteer to participate once per week at a scheduled time, or to notify the volunteer in advance if the week's lesson plan or schedule does not allow for the planned activity. See the participant responsibilities and opportunities for more complete information. Participating in the CCC is an exciting and rewarding experience that will make a difference in your classroom. We hope you'll join us!

Please fill out the following form, and a CCC administrator will contact you with further information. Please note that applying for the program does not guarantee placement with a graduate student, although the placement rate is high.




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Why do you want to be a part of the Caltech Classroom Connection?

How do you envision a graduate student would assist in your classroom? (Please be specific.)

How did you find out about the Caltech Classroom Connection?

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