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How to Access CCC Funds

Each teacher-volunteer pair may spend up to $150 of CCC funds for their collaboration.  All money will be accessed through you, the volunteer.  Use the following procedure to purchase items for the classroom using CCC funds:

There are just two steps! Let us know if we can .

1. Where to begin?

Research where you will buy your items and their cost. If at all possible, order through Caltech-approved vendors so that a POETA can be used for the purchase (it’s just easier). 

Get to know the Caltech stockrooms
Interactive map may help,

Biology Stockroom
Giao ‘Tony’ Do
181 Alles (#28)
MC 156-29
(626) 395-4921

Chemistry Stockroom
Terrance C. James
157 Crellin (#30)
MC 164-30
(626) 395-2745

Electrical Engineering Stockroom
029 Moore (#93)
(626) 395-4832/4833

Behavioral Biology Stockroom
127 Beckman (#76)
(626) 395-6804

VWR Stockroom
Cora Carriedo
141 Beckman Institute (#74)
MC 139-74
(626) 395-2747

VWR website
Past volunteer activities

2. How to buy?
There are roughly three purchase plans: POETA, purchase order, and reimbursement.

If you find your materials at Caltech, for our POETA along with a price. 

Purchase order
If you need to place an order from a vendor, email any of the following: link, supplier and catalog number, or general description. 

If you would like to purchase the items with and be reimbursed, again please give us an email heads up.  Reimbursements are handled two ways:

  • Small purchases
    For small purchases, less than say $50, you can bring your receipt to Crellin 152 in the morning.  Fill out the green form, let them copy your receipt and they should handle things right away.
  • Large purchases
    For larger purchases, submit the receipt to the CCC and Caltech will issue a check.

Any other questions?
Please .

James Maloney
626-395-2468 (W)
626-905-1336 (C)
M/C 139-74
John Keith
626-395-2843 (W)
M/C 139-74

Generous funding provided by Howard Hughes Medical Institute,
Moore Hufstedler Funds, The Mattel Children's Foundation and The National Science Foundation

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