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Caltech volunteers making a difference in local K-12 classrooms

The mission of the Caltech Classroom Connection (CCC) is to create sustainable, mutually beneficial partnerships between Caltech volunteers and local educators. Volunteers who work directly with classroom educators have the opportunity to increase pre-college student understanding, appreciation, and interest in science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

Caltech volunteers can also provide resources to educators. At the most basic level, they provide another pair of eyes and hands in the classroom. They bring to the classroom deep content knowledge in a particular field (chemistry, physics, mathematics, biology, geology, etc.), as well as knowledge and experience in scientific pursuit within a university and laboratory setting. They can serve as role models for pre-college students who want to know how they can ultimately use what they are learning today. Volunteers can also help educators and pre-college students seek additional resources at Caltech and other universities.

A principal goal, and ongoing challenge, of the CCC is finding how best to use these resources in the classroom. We envision the creation of new partnerships between individual educators and volunteers. The volunteers commit to participating in the classroom for one two-hour period per week. Consistent, sustained partnerships build mutual trust and provide a framework in which new ideas and creativity can flourish. All program participants meet periodically as a group to discuss results and provide mutual support.

We seek educators and volunteers who recognize the potential of these collaborations, and who are willing to give their time and energy to build strong partnerships. We have seen in past years that CCC collaborations can be fun, exciting, and make a difference in the lives of pre-college students


Generous funding provided by Howard Hughes Medical Institute,
Moore Hufstedler Funds, The Mattel Children's Foundation and The National Science Foundation

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